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  PCB Shipping Rates

Orders within Malaysia

Shipping within Malaysia is free of charge. Local orders will be shipped using either Pos Laju or Pos Ekspress service depending on weight. 

International Order

International shipping is done by FedEx or Express mail for shipment not exceeding 50 kg (110 lbs) For heavy weight shipment we can arrange for Air or Sea Freight services.

UPS Shipping Rates

Zone  1st 0.5kg  subsequent 0.5kg Transit
1 $ 9.00 $ 0.50 next  day
2 $ 13.50 $ 1.50 next day
3 $ 15.00 $ 2.50 2 days
5 $ 15.00 $ 3.00 2 days
6 $ 18.00 $ 4.00 2 days
7 $22.00 $ 4.50 3 days

FedEx Shipping Rates

Zone 1st 0.5kg  subsequent 0.5kg Transit
A $ 9.50 $ 3.50 next  day
B $ 14.50 $ 4.50 next day
C & I $ 17.00 $ 6.50 2 days
D & E $ 17.50 $ 9.50 2 days
F $ 24.00 $ 10.00 2 days
G $27.00 $10.00 3 days
H $29.50 $11.00 3 days

Country Zones

Country UPS Zone  FedEx Zone
Argentina NA G
Australia 3 C
Austria 7 F
Belgium 6 F
Brazil NA G
Canada 5 E
Chile 8 G
Cyprus NA G
Czech Rep. 7 F
Denmark 7 F
Egypt 9 G
Finland 7 F
France 6 F
Germany 6 F
Greece 7 F
Greenland NA G
Hong Kong 2 B
Hungary 7 F
Iceland NA H
Indonesia 2 C
Ireland 7 F
Italy 6 F
Japan 3 I
Luxemborg 6 F
Mexico 5 F
Netherlands 6 F
New Zealand 3 C
Norway 7 F
Philippines 2 B
Poland 7 F
Portugal 7 F
Russia 9 G
Romania 9 G
Saudi Arabia NA G
Singapore 1 A
Slovakia 7 F
South Korea 3 B
Spain 6 F
Sweden 7 F
Switzerland 7 F
Taiwan 2 B
Thailand 2 B
Turkey 7 G
UK 6 F
Ukraine NA G




FAQ on Shipping

How long does shipping take ?

It depends on the destination location. For most countries, delivery by FedEx is normally 2 days (excluding weekends) . For example, if we ship out the PCB on our Monday, it will arrive to customer at destination Wednesday .

Shipment to some regions such as Middle East, South America and Africa may take up to 4-5 working days.  Please refer to the rate charge on the left for more accurate details on shipping transit time.

The UPS rates so much lower compared to FedEx's . It this an economy or slower service?

The quoted UPS and FedEx rates is based on comparable service. We get better discount rates from UPS due to our high volume of international shipment.  We are currently working to get comparable rates from FedEx.

Please be assured that the UPS rates is based on priority service, the same with FedEx.  

Why is UPS service not available in some countries ?

Our contract with UPS does not cover countries in Eastern Europe, African continent and South America (except Mexico). So if you are in those regions, only FedEx service is available.

Do you ship using services other than UPS and FedEx ? My area is not within their service network.

If the shipping address is not within FedEx or UPS service area, we will be using Postal Expressmail. This service normally take 4-5 working days and reachable to all destination served by postal service.

Expressmail service in general cost more than UPS/FedEx  as we do not have corporate discount for Expressmail. To find out more about Expressmail rates, please visit Malaysian postal Expressmail page  . We only use Expressmail as last resort.

Is there any quicker service available ? Overnight perhaps?

Shipments within Malaysia & Singapore is delivered overnight by default. For shipment to all other countries, the quickest available service available is the standard 2 working day FedEx International Priority.

How much does a PCB normally weight ? How much can I ship in a 1 lbs (0.5kg) shipment ?

On the average, 100 sq inch of 0.062" FR4 PCB will weight  0.4 lbs to 0.55 lbs. Due to weight of packaging material (0.3 lbs) only 0.7 lbs of PCB can be included in the first lbs of shipment.

In some cases, such as tab-routed or v-scored panels - the panel support boards (to avoid breakage during shipping) may add to the shipping weight.  To help our customer save on shipping cost, we will always use the most economical packaging method.