Chinese New Year Holiday Notification -  13 Feb until 1st March 2015.

Kindly be informed that we will be closed from 13 Feb until 1st March 2015. Last day to place orders to ship before our holidays
would be  4th Feb. Orders placed after that will ship out 1st March onwards.  Please visit this page for more information and cutoff dates

PCB Prototypes

PCB Production

Step 1 : Specify the Size and Number of PCB required

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Step 2 : Specify the required material and surface finishing

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Step 3 : Specify soldermask and silkscreen requirement

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Step 4 : Additional Milling Requirements
Board Shape Internal Cutout Internal Slots Bevelling

Step 5 : Depanelization

Depanelize to

Step 6 : Electrical Testing Requirement

E-test method


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